Phone Foot

Inspired by Hands Free Thinking & Getting Organized.
Buy The Phone Foot & get your hands back!
Have your phone ready at all times.
Get into your phone like never before.
Use those tools on that expensive phone. Camera, Video Camera,
Navigation, Computer, Stereo, Alarms, Reminders, Apps, Movies,
Timers, Selfies & the list goes on and on.
Phone Wallet Keys all on one place and not in your pockets.
Talk to your phone more, they can open apps.
Get rid of that wallet & things in your pockets.
& Much Much More!
Magnetic base make it great for Professionals!
Store those cards and have them available.
Extra pocket is great for those important items.
Attaches to your Case or Phone with Velcro.
Leaves a smooth felt on your phone when not being used.
I use the iphone 7 because its waterproof.
Works with any phone.
I also use a very slim tight case i for a little protection.




Includes: The Phone Foot, Velcro, 3 Metal Phone Plates & Instructions

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Weight 1 lbs
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